………..and it’s here again – Part II

“It was once said of Catcher in the Rye, that rare miracle of fiction has again come to pass. A person has been created out of ink, paper, and the imagination.”

Why was I even reading this again and again? I don’t know. But somehow I was intrigued by it; almost driven by its essence. I have heard this—thing—plenty of times in movies, from heartbroken people, and it has always cheered me up. After all, who wouldn’t want to create something out of animagination.

“We have finalize on some of the things”, he said pointing toward the third unwelcomed person. Yes, we have already started with the work, working on the name and logo, brainstorming registration strategies, transaction, but, most importantly, working toward a better, novel idea.

Days passed like this. However, after 4 days, we were able to finalize the name and logo and few other things that seem quite impossible few days ago. Our plan was laid down on weekly basis; we divided steps/work for each week. While it is only the first week in question, I am glad that we are right on track.

Now that I am slowly closing in on the week, I am a little scared with the plan of action laid down for the coming few weeks; as it will define, to some extent, the fate of our ‘thing’. I’ve had a failed attempt previously, so I very well realize the importance of personal satisfaction of this particular week. Whatever you come up with during the second phase, and if you are truly satisfied, you will go length. Otherwise, there is no point of sobbing over it. Therefore, whatever the best you can give to this week will determine what you can get.

Oh, did I mention about this client of mine? Okay. When all of this was just an idea, and, mind you, this is just a few days ago, we were arguing over registration like anything. After all, we’ve seen people going down with their ‘thing’ with just one bad step. So, we were a bit over cautious, you know. My friends and I were able to contact few locals, who, we thought, could really help us. But then again, who wanted to go local? Not us, obviously. Just as we were closing on one of the convenient options, this client of mine fell from the sky, a blue sky indeed. He wanted me to freelance for him on one of his projects, which I agreed to work upon. I also pitched my idea to him; not completely, but just an overview, and I also asked me about his opinion on the ‘registration’ thing. It wasn’t like I was desperate for his help, but, since he was staying in the dream land, I thought we could really use his suggestion. Without a moment of thought, he told me he is willing set up a corporation and a transaction processor for us. Whoops! There you go! All sorted out, right?

Lol, no……………continued.



……and it’s here again!

I don’t keep track of all the events…….

While I’ve already heard the ‘idea’, or shall I say the ‘plan’, it was enough for me to lose sleep for a day or two. But, then again, I slept like a baby for the third night. Sitting there on the balcony of the flat, a friend of mine started saying some high-performance words, such as start-up, money, successful, model, market……

I’ve had this bad habit of smoking every now and then, and I prefer to concentrate on that totally unmindful of the surroundings. Though I did happen to ear few of his words, I decided not to pay any more attention. And why should I? The atmosphere was tempting, the noise was till the level where I could call it ‘peaceful’, and I was actually able to make the rings. Enter the third idiot. Initially he looked like he was there just for fun, but then he started his novel.

10.38 pm: I blurted out the idea of starting my own venture. I was expecting a shocking response, but the two were completely in sync with me. “Am I late?”, I asked.

“Yes, a bit.” We knew why it was ‘late’. We have reached a point of saturation in this industry where just even thinking of starting that business was like a crime. However, there are still plenty out there, who are actually making tons of money and are apparently quite successful. And, yes, I have to talk and write like this, especially if I have to start something.

I didn’t want to share the idea with anyone previously, nor I wanted to include anyone in this venture, but these two didn’t ask me to include them; they just came in. I could’ve asked them to stop, but I didn’t. Just because I was happy that maybe these two will turn out to be better than my previous partners. Yes, it already started once back in 2013.

So, here goes……..

Words Don’t Come Easy

Despite having Google at my disposal, I am unable to chain words into sentence. Why? The truth is, it’s not something I am adept in writing, but rather it is something I should write. Plus, having a somewhat blurred, yet clear concept, I am unable to get to the middle. What is thing that is pulling me back? Is it the pressure of capturing something, or someone, on a canvas (ooh in this case Microsoft Word, 2010)? Or, it is the mere thought of what if it doesn’t turn out the way it should be? Whatever the case may be, I need to write. After all, what I have left of that ‘thing’ is memories. Time is the culprit here – it somehow erases everything. Before it objectively gets to work, I need to get it done. No matter what.
Before I even start, I have so many things to look forward to. Not that they are a task to me, or may be, but the mere osbtacles – a figment of my imagination. Let’s say you are writing a novel and you have absolutely no idea as to what the characters are going to be? What role will they be playing? Is the protagonist really a protagonist? Is there a love story somewhere in the middle? Is it going be a thriller? And least of all, is it going to be read by the audience?
For what its worth, I am positive that somethings just need to be done. Even if it turns out pathetic, I will complete it. Even if it’s not going to be published, I will write it. Let’s just say I want to capture the moment in words, in best possible way. Because, you never know, when the tide will turn and you are thrown ashore. “That rare miracle of fiction has again come to pass” (Catcher in the Rye), truthfully justifies each and every word I wrote here. The story came to me wholly herself. I was just lucky enough to be there to catch it.

The Home Ache – Budget Speaks

While the trend of acquiring a property dates back to medieval ages, the current scenario of property buying and selling has altogether revolutionized the scheme into more of a business. However simple it may seem, the idea behind buying a house seems more of a radical approach now a days. From scrutinizing the comparable prices to extensive internet surfing, strategies always tend to be insufficient while considering one.

Apart from the idiosyncrasies of the professional real estate agents, buying a house is not that scary, provided you have the ample amount to spend on the particular property you are interested in.

Besides considering the locality, quality and the durability, it is but imperative to check for the affordability factor prior to deciding on the property. The aforementioned factor plays a very critical role in deciding the physical parameters related to house viz. locality and area. Current trends point toward more expensive and potentially sky rocketing prices within the urban set up. For a more affordable and convenient-to-pocket approach, it is advisable to check for suburbs and city outskirts.

Talking about the bigger aspect of buying a house, many people consider it as a source of investment let alone moving in at the first place. While the real estate investment seems reasonable early on, maintenance of one requires lot of effort and wealth drainage that eventually neutralizes the profit. Prior caution has to be exercised before making any final decision.

Although the concept of property acquiring does have its charms, the potential downfalls and the cost-effective buying cannot be left unattended. Spurred by these factors, the whole idea of the buying tendency has shrunk prodigiously over the decades for the middle class. While on the other hand, the concept tends to follow the same pattern leaving aside any but financial interference.

Piscary Allurement

Angling lures have become a fun clientele for customers, though different sizes, shapes and colors, they are all priced almost equally. Different snares can be put to use that varies with species and seasons. Types may vary, ranging from Jigs- made up of metal head and animal skin tail to Poppers and Flies- most effective for Pan fish and Trout, characterized as cupped face carved into the front. Spoons- mimicking floating bait can be either made cast or hooked with the boat. While plugs have a wooden body that usually floats at the brim of water, spinners have one or more blades that rotate around a metal shaft. There are numerous modelling baits like plastic baits that resemble the organism itself like minnows, crayfish of different colors. Surface lures also tent to imitate objects like mice, lizards, frogs etc, have a wooden body along with attached treble hooks with an eyelet for attachment. Safety-pins can also be used to tout the trap. Buzz baits having a propeller blade are best suited for this. Contrived of soft plastic, tube baits with hooks are penetrated into a hollow body to serve as a luring agent. Concluding with the best possible application of technology, vibrating lures emits out vibration from the internal motor that tends to attract fish. This lure bluffs a creature, wherein a microprocessor that operates the motor carries out the vibration emission.

Economy Boosting by Immigrants- An Invention

US Patent and Trademark Organization awards numerous patents to the inventors each year. Be it Stanford’s “unique camera” or MIT’s “foldable car” even Microsoft’s AOL portfolio overtake, they all point to the determined work strategy of the incomers to the State. These patents were the result of the commitment and curiosity exhibited by the immigrants. More than a fraction of the patents were from hot fields like InfoTech and molecular biology. This study was carried out in a joint venture by 450 mayors and CEO’s to explain as to how the policies for immigration hinders the root companies competency to bring out adept employees. The objective of the abstraction was to erase the cap on H1-B visas. Many of the colonists are taken up by the employers and are being sponsored for renewing visas. Due to limited chasm available, the objective was taken into consideration and was very much fruitful. Besides being considerate the policy was to also generate jobs in the State with this intention. Democrats of the both the allies are into the agreement to issue more visas. Though the applicability of such an idea won’t mature before the presidential election, the young entrepreneurs intended to work in the US, can hold onto something momentarily till the immediate application of the policy takes place.

Hello! Bangalore

Travel blogs and posts like that are quite popular especially for either a hotshot blogger or someone who earns his/her living from it. To my disappointment and to yours hopefully, I am neither of it. If I am to, for a split second, state my excuse, I’d say probably the time was not favoring or some hidden financial aspects. Anyway neither of it is correct or wait a second may be it is.
For a scratch, I got lucky to have got an interview lined up at Bangalore (now Bengaluru). I wasn’t even sure whether I’d be able to make it there or not. But this time, I finally made prior bookings and went to the city I have always heard if. Its not that I was dying to visit there but just for the sake of some posting, I might consider it worth penning down.
It was still dawn when I woke up to a new place which was comparatively a lot cooler than most of the Indian cities at this time of the year. I mean you can’t expect straight 20 degrees Celsius in last quarter of April. The city was quite usual with more or less Indian faces and the usual Indian streets more like a public toilets than cemented roads with trees and greenery on either sides. I was more obstinate to reach to reach my friends’s place not because I was hungry but for I wasn’t able to stretch my legs in a so-called cosy GeePee travels bus. The aroma of the atmosphere was like any new place to me though I was still not an NRI or something. After few hours of eating, relaxing and taking a bath with equal shares of time for each stuff as it takes, I finally made my way to the sole purpose for my visit to this new city. It won’t be “cool” if I get into the details about the interview and the related stuff. After a short while, I thought to explore the city.
While roaming aimlessly it struck me again that fantasies and good times are short lived. The noon part of the city was like any other Indian city, hot and humid. You can’t blame any deodorant company as to why their aroma lasts only few hours. Well the answer is clear, you should never chose India for your time length trials for the smell. Indian weather knows pretty well how to expatriate the intruder (if we consider the smell to be an alien person :P).
After few puffs and an unhygienic glass of sugar cane juice, I was able to manage to spare few more hours exploring further into the city. It was overall a nice experience especially when you realize you are completely on your own and no one knows you in this part of the country. I mean its quite an adventure if I am to split a hair. With a sling back as my only companion, it hit me again. I actually love the random exploration of cities, thinking about from anything to everything. Sometimes some weird thoughts as well. By weird thoughts I mean looking for a face that from her (to be precise) perspective is a stranger but from mine, its more than my own self acquaintance. I mean what are the odds. Just because one time she has told me she got many friends here and she keeps visiting every once in a blue moon. That is not true love that is just pure obsession and craziness. Though I contradict the former two but……anyway!
The place was something called as Sheshadripuram and was comparatively a lot more congested than most part of Bengaluru. After only a short while, I was back to my friend’s so you see this post isn’t exactly a travel post as aforementioned but its more like my extravaganza of my innocent obsession may be not for the person in question but for that one beat, for that one breadth and finally that one look that made me who I am today. The one sided camaraderie with my feelings that reminds me every time, wherever I go and whatever I do.